Py releases "Tripping on Wisdom"

Py is a London based vocalist, songwriter, visual artist and instrumentalist. Her experimental work includes surround-sound installations and exploration of the sound of the human voice when the body is placed under restraint. Her recent collaboration with Throwing Snow, released on Super Recordings, established her as a unique vocalist with an enchanting presence. She has just finished collaborating on ‘When You’re Gone’ Ep with Lapalux, as well as Raffertie and Breton for their respective upcoming releases.

Of all the new acts to have emerged so far in 2012, Jade Pybus aka Py is definitely one of the most interesting, her astounding voice matched only by the calibre of producers, such as Breton, Lapalux, George Fitzgerald, Raffertie and Greenwood Sharps that she has been working with.

Ready to step into the spotlight Py is now releasing ‘Tripping On Wisdom’, a mixtape featuring her collaborations with the aforementioned names alongside Caspar Kedros who helped to mix the collection of tracks with Py.

"Working with these amazing producers has allowed me to create everything in a varied mix of genre, covering songs that have always been important to me. I wanted this mixtape to be from a vocalists perspective, lead by the voice.” Explains Py.

“It’s a story of the memories and nostalgia of my past, feelings and situations I have dealt with, and that bittersweet feeling from leaving one place, letting go and moving into another time.”

The perfect snapshot of an artist at the start of their career, brimming with creativity and inspiration, ‘Tripping On Wisdom’ hails the arrival of a singular talent.


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